Brains Eden 2018

Hot as Ice is a game jam competition entry for the 10th brains eden game jam competition in Cambridge competing against universities from all over the world. The goal was to make a fun little prototype/game in 48 hours with the theme "unreliable". Our team consisted out of 3 programmers and two artists and made everything from scratch.

My role as a programmer was mostly player and UI oriented as I did most of the UI and the player health bleuprint, but I also worked on the player itself and on the projectiles to a lesser extend. Since this is a game jam everyone did a bit of everything, helped wherever he/she could and thats the beauty of a jam in my opinion.

More information and a downloadlink can be found on and a trailer of the game will come soon...

Used Technologies:
-Unreal Engine 4
-Source Tree

Code is available on request.